Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lately: Through Instagram

Shame on me for not posting anything useful lately. Double shame for not posting at all! Here's what I've been up to in the past few weeks. I hope to get my life more organized soon, then I'll have more exciting things to share with you.

I crocheted two of these baby blankets in a row and now wheel stitch haunts me in my dreams. This one is finally done just this week though.

Camo wheel stitch

I'm very excited for the veggie garden this year. Dave built me raised beds. But until I can plant them I did some counter top gardening and planted some herbs.

Counter top gardening

Easter was here! Here's a brownie cake I made with extra sprinkles and fabulous vanilla bean frosting. I've taken to using vanilla bean paste instead of extract in my baking and I really like it.

Dove chocolate Easter brownies with vanilla bean buttercream!

My yarn club has been having regular meetings. It's still a small group but I like the girls I've met so far and am glad we can get together consistently! We were at Starbucks this past Friday.

More yarning!

OMG I finally took my second sewing class and sewed an apron! I love the kitschy yellow flower print! I'm actually really proud of myself and want to sew more.

I sewed an apron! With pockets!

The weather has been nice so Odie and I have been taking lots of walks. This is from walking with dog walk group today which meets every Sunday. Odie is kind of a snob about hanging out with the other dogs but he really likes walking and it's good for both of us.

Sunday is dog walk group day

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