Friday, May 24, 2013

Not Abandoned! Have a Smoothie Recipe

Oh dear. I sort of fell off the blogging cliff in the past few months.

Sometimes hobbies are sort of seasonal for me. And sometimes I get discouraged because I set goals for  myself, then I don't make them, and then I sort of give up for awhile. It happens to everyone I suppose. Though for hobbies which are supposed to be fun, I don't think I need to hold myself as accountable as I have been.

We'll see how that goes for awhile.

Anyway, since I'm here, I have a smoothie recipe to share. Smoothies are my favorite mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. I got into them because it was a sneaky way to make myself eat fruit. I like making them with frozen fruit because I like icy-ness in my smoothies, and I usually make them with soy milk or yogurt for extra protein.


Serving size: A little under 12 oz

1/2 large banana (peeled and sliced)
1 medium peach (cut up, with skin, it's where the good stuff is)
1/2 cup frozen mango chunks
1/3 cup soy milk (normal, not vanilla or any of that sugary stuff)

photo 1

Pop everything in your blender. Blend blend blend!

Pour into a 12 oz glass and enjoy!

Follow the jump for nutritional facts!