Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend: Through Instagram

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend! I actually did A LOT more than what my Instagram photos below show! I planted my whole veggie garden, finished the herb garden on the deck, took care of some laundry and cleaning, went on a date for Ethiopian food with my husband-to-be, started organizing my craft room, visited friends and met their new baby!, and "helped" Dave paint the living room...twice... It's a work on progress.

Okay veggie garden, it's on.

So many awesome veggie plants! I hope they grow! My eggplants were already under siege from flea beetles, but I thwarted them with coffee grounds!

Hooray for asymmetrical hems!

Date outfit. Finally hot enough to wear all my dresses again.

It's like living in a weekend country cabin, all the time ;o)

Breakfast on the front porch.

Purple berry smoothie.

Sneaky way to eat fruit. Berry smoothie.

Banana kiwi smoothie

And a banana kiwi smoothie! There will be more smoothies to come!

Water with lemon balm

Water with lemon balm from my herb garden!

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