Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yarn Party for Shelter Animals

This past weekend, my crochet and knitting group (also here on Facebook) had a yarn party with the purpose of Stash Bust for Charity! Each month, we dedicate a few meetings to stitching up our extra stash of yarn into items to donate to charity. This month we were stitching blankets to donate to animal shelters.


Since the blankets are for pets in need, they don't really care how their blankies look, just as long as they're cozy! So as you can see, they came out a little wonky, but by the end of the night we completed about 5 pet-sized blankets.

Of course, we needed snacks to stitch by.

Macaroni & cheese and broccoli stuffed pizza.
Lauren's husband works at a pizzeria and was experimenting. 


Spinach dip and bread bowl.




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  1. How sweet that you made blankets for the shelter animals. We rescued our pup from a shelter, so let me just say that it means a lot to me when people care like that. Looks like you had some amazing snacks to eat too!