Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Non-Resolution Post

This is the non-resolution post because it's already three weeks in to the New Year, and because I generally don't set "resolutions."

I do choose certain points in time to "start" things however. It just makes sense in my mind, and I think to a lot of people. I find things like "next week" or "next month" more manageable than "this year I will..."

Plus I need to set small goals, and commit to them on a rolling basis. So not in any order at all, here is what's running through my head lately.
  • Use reusable shopping bags. I used to do this... I need to try to make it a habit
  • Use at least one of these appliances, once a week, every week:
    • Slow cooker
    • Juicer
    • Ice cream machine
    • Bread machine
    • Dehydrator
  • Maintain at-home manicures. Really, I can't let my nails get all chipped and stuff, that's unprofessional, and I prefer them to be pretty. 
  • Organize everything. This is SO HARD to keep up with! It needs a very LONG cycle.
  • Get an awesome water bottle or two. My office stocks plastic water bottles. What? I need a good, big water bottle or two I can fill at home and use all day for drinking water and tea. If anyone has any suggestions, throw them my way please.
  • Read and crochet every day.
  • Budget. Save. I use Mint.com, which only really helps if I remember to use it.
  • Be a good vegetarian. I need to stick to my vegetarian food groups.
  • I'm not pretending to be a cooking blog, or any sort of blog for that matter, but I think I'm almost getting pretty good at cooking vegetarian meals alongside omnivore meals, so I want to share that.
  • Stick with my Etsy shop, without great expectations, even if it doesn't deliver as hoped.
  • Find a damn yoga class and go to them regularly. This has more to do with where I live as opposed to my commitment.
  • Be a good bunny and greyhound momma. Lots of pets, walks and exercise.
Here's some Instagraming so I don't seem so boring.

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