Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Project Linus: Knit & Crochet Blankets to Donate

My knit and crochet group has just chosen our latest charity project and I'm really excited about it.

For the months of February and March will be stitching blankets to donate to Project Linus.

Project Linus is a non-profit organization that provides homemade blankets to children in need.

Where I live in New Jersey, they have a Warren/Morris county chapter that would love to accept our donations!

We will be making 12” x 12” squares that I have volunteered to stitch together into finished blankets.

Sunday morning Camo wheel stitch

We would love for everyone to participate in this!

Even if you are not from the area, but want to help! 

Please feel free to create full blankets or squares on your own, I’ll find a way to get all finished projects/squares together, just email me at loopsoflavender@gmail.com to coordinate if you have questions!

Here are some guidelines:
  1. Project will run from today to the end of March 2013, at which time blankets will be assembled and donated.
  2. Yarn should be clean, washable, and not be exposed to smoke or other strong smells/contaminates.
  3. No wool please.
  4. Size specifications:

    Squares - 12” x 12”

    Finished blankets - Project Linus donates blankets to children, infants through teens. Blankets could be as small as 36” × 36.” The majority of Project Linus blankets are about 40” × 60”, or what is called “crib size.” Blankets could be as large as twin size for teens.
  5. Blankets can be knit or crocheted, use any pattern you like. Project Linus has a pattern resource page here. 
I’m going the granny square route on this one, they go fast for me. I’m also going to create some wheel stitch squares, it’s my favorite stitch… next to love kont. :op

I’ve dedicated myself to making at least 2 squares a week, and I hope I can likely make more if I start crocheting on my lunch breaks!

Can’t wait until squares start rolling in! If you have plans to participate please comment and let everyone know! Please share and help spread the word! I think this is a great cause and a fun project for the group to give back locally.

If you're on Ravelry, you can follow the project's progress here!

Any questions contact Kim at loopsoflavender@gmail.com.

Finishing projects Stash bust for charity fun! Yikes!

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