Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Garden Progress: Mid July

My garden has come a long way since my beginning of June update! For some there is good news and for others not such good news. I realize for consistency I should show the same plants as my June post, but here's what's happening right now!

Towards the start of the season I got some oddly shaped cucumbers. This is due to the flowers not being completely pollinated, but luckily they taste fine and pollination seems to have picked up now that they plants are taller.

This was my only purchased cherry tomato plant. Plants I started from seed have tomatoes but aren't ripe yet. I love yellow tomatoes so much more than red varieties!

Tragically, this was my last zucchini. Squash vine borer beetle murdered both my zucchini and yellow squash plants! Next year I must find a way to stop them. 

The pepper are loving the heat are are getting all happy and leafy. Hoping to see some buds soon. We have scorpion, ghost, habenero, thai chilli, red and green bell, and two mystery peppers in pots on the deck.

Last year I planted carrots way too late and close together. I should Google when to harvest them. I hope they're carroting under there...

Thai dragon is my only purchased pepper plant. I suppose eventually they turn red but they're pretty damn hot already!

I think Kale chips are coming this weekend. XOXO!

This is my one and only ear of corn. Probably about ready to harvest. All my corn plants popped up, but less than half survived. I'll start the indoors next year.

I spotted a cantaloupe! It's about the size of a softball. So cute!

Hm, what else did I post about last time? Beans and peas are wild. I pick them everyday while dodging the Japanese beetles that have moved in this year. They don't seem to be deterring the plants though. The garlic was harvested about a week ago and is curing on my front porch! Basil of course is wild, both purple and sweet. Waiting for more tomatoes to start making caprese salads. I'm pinching flowers off my strawberry plants this year to make them stronger for next year, so they're just hanging out gathering their energy hopefully. The borage I planted as a companion plant is ginormous and not flowering so I'm mad at it. Plus is spiny. 

Anyone else have a garden?!?!

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