Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Year's Resolution: Don't be a disaster

I was never much for making new year's resolutions because it seemed silly to me. Really, if you want to facilitate a change in your life, you can start it any time you like. So I'll just start now and call it a new year's resolution since it's still January.

My new year's resolution is to not be a disaster! I will explain...

Organized my bathroom today

 This applies in my day to day life in general for keeping things simple, and not letting anxiety set in over things. But I also mean it in the sense of keeping order around the house! I can be messy, and I always start out with good intentions, but then I let drawers turn into a mess, tables get cluttered, and I waste time digging through piles and losing things (then I get anxiety, etc. etc.).

So my resolution is to not be a train wreck in general! So slowly I have been going through the house and organizing one thing at a time. These are some photos to help remind me of my goal and inspire me to keep it up!

Extracts. Almond, cinnamon, maple, orange, mint, lemon AND vanilla!

Kitchen top shelves organized, for now

Pantry. Flour shelf.

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