Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Through Instagram

Dave and I went to a new antique store this weekend. It turned out to be a good one. I never buy much, plus Dave and I have different styles we're searching for, but I like to think I take some fun looking photos. Enjoy!

A whole wall of hurricane lanterns. Just in case.

Lots of hurricane lamps

His and hers rotary phones!

His and hers rotary phones!

Vintage Christmas ornaments

Vintage Christmas ornaments

This is fun, it's a desk some hippy decoupaged long ago, and now someone will buy it for a couple hundred as a piece that represents everyday life during that time.

Some hippy's old desk

Cute tea pots, I love tea pots.

Tea pots

Not vintage or antique, but there was some handmade jewelry from upcycled vintage pieces and these were her business cards. They funky shapes with glitter and printed with a typewriter. And here's her Etsy site.

Not vintage or antique, but very cool business cards

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