Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Hurricane Sandy Experience Through Instagram

The last time I blogged was the last time we had power, until now! Hurricane Sandy knocked out the power last Monday, and it was just restored to our home this Friday afternoon. That was a full week and a half we were out!

I can't complain though. We came through okay though it was pretty scary for awhile, and we're well equipped for power outages since we have generator (acquired during last year's October storms) and a coal stove. We were inconvenienced, but very lucky. But make no mistake this was a bad storm. We helped out neighbors when we could, and today I'm meeting friends to crochet items to donate for hard-hit Sandy survivors. If you find yourself in northwest Jersey you can join us!

The weekend before the storm, I stocked up on power outage food. Here's my awesome half vegetaria, half meat eater baked ziti.

Baked ziti masterpiece. Plus ziti map on postit!

Got some whole wheat bagels for goat cheese and avocado sandwiches.

Whole wheat bagel with goat cheese and avocado!

The A&P had a buy-one-get-one sale on Oreo cookies. I paired each Oreo with a wine. This was Monday night when the storm was in full swing. We tried to relax and watch a movie but that was short lived, trees started coming down all over.

Hurricane sandy and buy one get one at a&p has helped me become a connoisseur of Oreo and wine pairings.

I set up Lillie's (my bunny) pen in the basement and moved her downstairs because the winds were getting so strong and I was afraid of trees falling on the house. We didn't sleep much that night. When we did it was on an air mattress in the kitchen! And we did lose about six or so trees including one that, by nothing short of a miracle fell, across our driveway and not towards the house, and didn't even hit our cars.

Here's Lillie's hurricane bunker in the basement. She's in the box. I was a wreck.

Bunny hurricane bunker in the basement

Odie could care less, though I kept his leash on him all night in case we had to run for it. Here's what the worst of it looked like in the morning. I'm sad so many big, old trees came down. But look, my little garden survived, and we were okay.

Giant, old trees :o(

We have an electric stove that the generator powers but we have to be careful not to over load it. So for meals it was just easier to go out. A lot. This is our favorite dessert at a local Thai place. Snowy lave souffle! Literally gone in 6 seconds.

Power still out. Went out for Thai. Destroyed this snowy lava soufflé in 6 seconds.

I made a lot of salads the past week since I couldn't cook. I bought my first pomegranate and sprinkled the seeds over salads, so good! Don't be afraid of pomegranates, here's a video on how to de-seed them, and they're in season right now!

My first pomegranate.

We had our first snow of the season this week too from another noreaster storm. The effects of this one were pretty mild for us, but some got a foot of snow!

First snow.

And here was Thursday night. Power was still out. Those are our electric pillar candles keeping it cozy.

Still out.

Hope you all fared okay in the storms and are restored and warm again by now!

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