Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beautiful Things

These are not recent, but they're two of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. Sometimes we all need to look at something that makes us happy.

Deer and bunny friends

I actually saw this in my back yard this past November. I was on the phone watching this little deer graze her way through our backyard. Then I saw this cute little bunny hippity-hop out near him and got of the phone to take pictures of the deer and bunny Disney scene happening in my yard. Then the deer started grooming the bunny. Not kidding, they stayed like that for some time. Sometimes the bun would hop a few steps away and the deer would walk over again and go back to cleaning, bunny didn't mind at all.

Rainbow across our front yard

Some time in late July, we had a torrential summer rainstorm while the sun was still out. We were watching it from the front porch and I noticed a rainbow that started and ended right in our yard. The rainbow was arching over our front yard!

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