Friday, January 27, 2012

DIY: Gift Tags from Greeting Cards

What have you done with all your Christmas cards from this season? Well, seeing as it's almost February, you've probably gotten rid of them by now. Though knowing just when to do so is not always an easy choice.

One way to soften the guilt the comes with tossing greeting cards it to repurpose them as pretty gift tags. Birthday or Mother's Day cards can easily double as bridal or baby shower gift tags, or the other way around.

DIY Christmas gift tags

How to Make Gift Tags from Old Greeting Cards

Supply list:
Old greeting cards
Regular scissors
Fancy scissors
Single hole punch

DIY gift tags from Christmas card supplies

How to:
Use the ruler and pencil to draw guide lines on the inside of your card covers. Cut along the lines and trim the outside straight edges with your fancy scissors.

Fancy scissors

Use the single hole punch to punch a hole in one end of each tag.

Hole punch

Cut a piece of yarn about 14 inches long (you'll want enough to tie a good looking bow) and thread it through the hole. Make a standard bow instead of a hard knot so you can untie the bow and tie it on to a gift when you're ready.

Knotting the gift tag

Purty gift tag complete! Now make a bunch!

Gift tag from old Christmas card

Ready for next year

Pretty paper

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