Friday, March 1, 2013


I started out trying to do a photo a hour post for my birthday like I did last year. But that proved to be too ambitious for me. So here's how the day looked through my iPhone.

8 am. Good morning, it's my birthday and spring has come to hope for today. :oD 9 am. Getting ready. 10 am. Researching veggie garden things.

8:00 am. Woke up, walked the dog, fed the dog, fed the rabbit, fed myself. Like any other morning but it was quite mild and bright out that morning. Especially for my birthday, of course.

9:00: am. Getting ready.

10:00 am. Doing garden planning things for awhile.

And then I was off to meet S&B friends for awesome vegetarian brunch!


After brunch we stopped by a vegan cupcake shop where my awesome S&B friends got me a cupcake to snack on later.


With snacks taken care of, we headed over the Lion Brand Outlet for an afternoon of shopping and stitching. It's like a magical yarn candy land! It was my first time there and I was so impressed with the selection and pricing!





After S&B time I headed off to my parents house where Dave met us for family birthday dinner where I was sadly reminded that I turned...


Oy! Yup... I've brideged up to the latter half of our 20 & 30-something Stitch & Bitch group. (In case you think I'm already losing my mind, "bridging up" is what happens in Girl Scouts when you go from Brownie to Junior, Junior to Cadette, etc. I was into Girl Scouts for a long time. Now you've learned something, you're welcome.)

My mom made me a carrot cake from scratch! I'm so proud of her!

I don't really feel any different. I can't say I'm nostalgic for my 20's or sad to see them go. Upward and onward!

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing birthday! So happy for you! Is your group named after that book? If so that's wonderful. That's the book that taught me how to knit. Hahaha. Happy 30 years young! :)